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Argo Road Maintenance is a successful, privately owned BC company with over 25 years of experience in the Road and Bridge Maintenance Industry in British Columbia.  Our employees enjoy a challenging and rewarding career, living and working in communities where they can and do make a difference.  Come join our team of experienced and dedicated employees, where you too can make a difference!


Argo Road Maintenance is seeking General Manager Candidates.

The General Manager’s role is a critical in our organization.  We seek individuals who will find this role to be energizing, rewarding and satisfying.  A great fit is essential, for the successful candidate and for us.  

The ideal candidate will not only perform well for Argo, but will also receive great satisfaction from this role.  Anything less is a poor fit.  We offer the following information to describe to you what is required in the General Manager’s role.  If the following descriptions sound like you, we should talk.  

Interested candidates are asked to submit their resume by email to


Argo Road Maintenance has a long and successful record of providing road and bridge maintenance services in British Columbia since 1991. Argo’s success is due to our vision for the future, effective leadership and planning, a dedication to doing the job well and our commitment to invest in training, technology and the resources to continually stay on the leading edge of our industry.

The Argo Group of Companies has delivered Road and Bridge Maintenance services in 5 Service Areas throughout BC. Argo has delivered over 63 contract years of service to the Province of B.C.  Argo currently holds the Highway Maintenance Contracts for Kamloops (Service Area 15) and Penticton (Service Area 08).
Argo’s history in privatized road and bridge maintenance has been one of “Service Excellence”.  This has been recognized by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure with our consistent Contractor Assessment Program (CAP) ratings in the 2% Bonus band for exceeding the obligations as set out in Highway Maintenance Agreement for the past decade and even further accredited by our ten Deputy Minister’s Contractor Award Finalist nominations, and four First Place Awards as Maintenance Contractor of the Year in “Recognition of Excellence in Highway Maintenance”.  

Argo’s success to date is largely attributed to our vision for the future, effective leadership, dedication to doing the job right and the Company’s willingness and commitment to invest in training, technology and the resources to continually stay on the leading edge of our industry.

At Argo we govern ourselves by the following values.
We pride ourselves in taking ownership of our work and responsibility for our actions and decisions.
All of our activities are carried out with an attitude of fairness and mutual respect.
Through open and honest communication, we will demonstrate our credibility and integrity.
Through continuous self-improvement we will better serve the needs of all.
We recognize and acknowledge efforts that contribute to the success of our organization.
Why Argo
Long term job stability
Futuristic thinking
Living in some of the most attractive regions of BC
Quality of family life… recreation, schools, industrial jobs and incomes
A highly collaborative leadership team
The General Manager acts as Argo’s Management Team Leader and has the responsibility to: 
Provide the Company’s leadership and direction for all areas of operations; 
Act as the key liaison between Argo, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and our Stakeholders; 
Ensure budget control, planning and delivery of all programs; 
Lead the drive for innovation and improvement in our processes and work practices; 
Ensure that Stakeholder requirements are fully understood and communicated; 
Ensure our Integrated Quality Management System (IMS) is adhered to; and 
Oversee equipment management, repairs, and replacement strategies. 
Several years’ experience in Road and Bridge Maintenance; 
Proficient knowledge, administration and management of the Highway Maintenance Agreement; 
Preferably post-secondary education from a Technical Institute in Civil Technology, Construction or equivalent and preferably graduation an Applied Science, (Engineering) or related sciences field, Business Administration or equivalent combination 
or equivalent combination of education and experience; 
Several years’ experience in a management position; 
Excellent understanding of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Integrated Management System.
Preferably with specific experience in management of an ISO Integrated Management System; 
Valid class 5 BC Driver’s License; 
Environmental Regulatory Compliance. 


Compensation is based on experience and ability and will be discussed during our first conversation.


Corporate R.S.P. Contributions
Health and Welfare Benefits including Life, Medical, Dental, Extended Health, Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance coverage
Minimum 4 weeks annual vacation
Company vehicle and cell phone
Annual Salary review
Wage bonus based on job performance

The person who will feel rewarded and satisfied in the role of General Manager at Argo currently exhibits these Competencies at a high level.  These competencies are required for successful performance in the job.

1. Leadership: Organizing and influencing people to believe in a vision while creating a sense of purpose and direction.

  • A desire to lead others, including diverse teams.
  • Builds trust and demonstrates integrity with a noticeable congruence between words and actions.
  • Delegates appropriate levels of responsibility and authority.
  • Addresses performance issues promptly, fairly and consistently.
  • Adapts methods and approaches to create an environment to allow others to be successful.


2. Planning and Organizing: Establishing courses of action to ensure that work is completed effectively.

  • Develops procedures, processes and systems for order, accuracy, efficiency and productivity.
  • Anticipates probable effects, outcomes and risks.
  • Allocates, adjusts and manages resources according to priorities.
  • Monitors implementation of plans and makes adjustments as needed.


3. Problem Solving: Defining, analyzing and diagnosing key components of a problem to formulate a solution.

  • Utilizes logical processes to analyze and solve problems.
  • Defines and develops criteria for optimum solutions.
  • Looks for specific goals, clearly defined solution paths, and/or clear expected solutions.


4. Project Management: Identifying and overseeing all resources, tasks, systems and people to obtain results.

  • Demonstrates the ability to utilize the right people to complete the project.
  • Holds people accountable and is focused on goals and priorities.
  • Delegates appropriate responsibilities and authority.
  • Ensures adequate resources are available to achieve objectives.
  • Maintains the objectives while honoring designated constraints.


5. Personal Accountability: Being answerable for personal actions.

  • Demonstrates the ability to self evaluate.
  • Utilizes feedback.
  • Observes and analyzes data to learn from mistakes.
  • Accepts responsibility for actions and results.
  • Willing to take ownership of situations.


6. Decision Making: Analyzing all aspects of a situation to make consistently sound and timely decisions.

  • Demonstrates an ability to make thorough decisions in a timely manner.
  • Acts decisively once all aspects have been analyzed.
  • Provides a rationale for decisions when necessary.


7. Time and Priority Management: Prioritizing and completing tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames.

  • Effectively manages time and priorities to meet deadlines.
  • Balances timelines and desired outcomes.
  • Creates an environment conducive to effectiveness.
Research verifies that motivators are part of our mind-set, our way of perceiving value, our biases, and ultimately influencing our decisions. 
Understanding “why” we do what we do is one of the major reasons we need to look closely at our motivators.
We need our General Managers to have a Leadership mindset that drives long term, willing productivity within our teams.
1. Resourceful
This position is driven by practical results, maximizing both efficiency and returns for your investments of time, talent, energy and resources.
Attaining measurable and practical results 
Maximizing both efficiency and rewards for their investments of time, talent, energy and resources 
Sensitive to the wasting of time, resources and/or opportunities
2. Instinctive
This position is driven by utilizing past experiences, intuition and seeking specific knowledge when necessary.
Precise about what they need to know and when they need to know it 
Focus on utilizing past experiences and seek out new information only when necessary 
Comfortable in situations when they can rely on past experiences 
Value intuition 
Value information that has a direct application to a relevant situation
3. Harmonious
This position is driven by the getting work done through willing and engaged people. 
Value and enjoy working towards business goals while valuing people, involvement and engagement   
Flourish in an environment where they have the opportunity to create balance in their surroundings and productivity
Focus on the totality of a situation to ensure a rewarding interaction 
4. Collaborative
This position is driven by being in a supporting role and contributing with little need for individual recognition.
Comfortable acting in a supporting role to enable their team to perform 
Focus on their contribution versus advancing their position 
Tends to set aside their own agenda for the good of the team/company/community

Effective leaders in our General Managers role require a certain Behavioral Style that leads to effectiveness.

These are some of the characteristics that will lead to effectiveness in this role and productivity for the division.

  • Competitive
    •  The job requires assertiveness and a "will to win and create wins” for Stakeholders, our team and Argo when dealing with highly challenging situations.
  • People-Oriented
    • The job requires building rapport with a wide range of individuals.
  • Urgency
    • The job requires decisiveness, quick response, and fast action.
  • Frequent Change
    •  The job requires rapid shifts between tasks.
  • Interaction
    •  The job requires frequent communication and engagement with others.
  • Versatile
    • The job requires adapting to various situations with ease.

Argo Road Maintenance is accepting Resumes from drivers experienced in the operation of tandem axle trucks for Barriere and Clearwater Areas. Positions are seasonal, part-time. Experience operating snow removal equipment would be an asset but is not essential. Applicants must hold a valid BC driver’s license, minimum Class 3 with air brake endorsement and must provide a current National Driver’s Abstract with their Resume.

Please submit your Resume by email to or by fax to (250) 374-6355

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